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2014 Annual release: Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties, States and Military Facilities with Breed-Specific Pit Bull Laws.

For additional accurate information on the public safety Danger of Pit Bull Type Dogs visit:

2014 Annual release: Estimated U.S. Cities, Counties, States and Military Facilities with Breed-Specific Pit Bull Laws. Nearly 100 new jurisdictions added from last year, despite losing three states to anti-BSL laws. Remember, this document is "fractional" as thousands of U.S. jurisdictions do not have their ordinances online.

Just some of the very recent BSL Pit bull type dog Bans just enacted.

Recently Denmark made it's Ban on 13 pit bull type dogs permanent across the country.
Mississippi City, Miss., just enacted a pit bull BSL.
Aurora, CO. just voted by more then 2 to 1 to keep their Ban on pit bull type dogs.

Kansas City, Kansas voted to keep their pit bull ban recently.

Outremont, Que., Canada just voted to Ban all pit bull type dogs.

The Ban on pit bulls in one King County city will remain.

Enumclaw, WA. Bans pit bulls and the Enumclaw City Council was looking at an ordinance to end the ban.

After more than an hour of public comments were heard, the city council voted unanimously to keep the ban.

Fall River, WI has enacted a new Breed Specific Legislation against pit bull type dogs.

The Burlington City Council upheld an ordinance that bans pit bulls after hearing feedback from members of the community Monday Oct.6th in Burlington N.D.

LaFayette, Tennessee enacted a highly restrictive pit bull type dog BSL requiring it be registered with AC, a short leash, muzzle, confirmed kennel, photo, sign, no resale or transfer within the city.

Carroll County, Miss. recently enacted a pit bull Ban as well with all grandfathered pit bull type dogs having to be leaches, muzzled, kenneled with liability insurance.

Reynoldsburg, Ohio & Yakima WA both recently reaffirmed their pit bull type dog BSL Bans and kept them in place.!

FORT THOMAS, Ky, A 26 year ban on owning a pit bull in the city of Fort Thomas was kept in place Aug.4th after attempts to have it over turned were rejected by city council.

Over 850 Cities, Towns & 26 Counties, 292 US Military bases in 37 states in the US currently have BSL, Breed Specific Legislation against pit bull type dogs as do over 40 other countries, an increase of over 125 cities in the last year.

In the Prov. of Ontario in Canada Pit Bull type dogs have been banned in all 444 cities and towns in Ontario.


Cities, county's, Provinces, Military Services & Towns where Pit

Bulls type Dogs are Banned or severely restricted:…/Estimated-U-S-Cities-Counties-State…

Animal Planet

Pit Bulls Already Banned in a Dozen Countries

By Terrence McCoy Wed., Feb. 27 2013

Pit bulls have been banned the world over as well as over 700 cities, towns and counties in the US alone.

The prohibition on the pit bull type dog wouldn't be anything unusual.

In 1989, Miami may have been one of the first communities to ban pit bulls -- but it sure hasn't been the last, raising questions as to whether it's only a matter of time before every municipality imposes some sort of regulation on the animal.

Already, more than a dozen countries have banned pit bulls, making it, quite possibly, the most regulated and feared dog in the canine world.

Composed from various online resources, here's a breakdown of the bans and regulations:

Countries that have enacted regulation on pit bulls (or some deviation):

**In 1991, Singapore prohibited the entry of pit bulls into the country.

**In 1993, the Netherlands banned pit bulls.

**In 1997, Poland enacted legislation enforcing pit bull owners to display "clear warning signs" and keep the animal behind reinforced fencing.

**In 2000, France banned pit bulls. The goal was to let the breed "die out."

**In 2001, Germany banned pit bulls.

**In 2001, Puerto Rico banned pit bulls.

**In 2003, New Zealand banned the importation of pit bulls.

**In 2004, Italy banned pit bulls.

**In 2009, Australia prohibited the imports of pit bulls.

**In 2009, Ecuador banned pit bulls as pets.

**In 2010, Denmark banned pit bulls and pit bull breeding.

**In 2014, Venezuela will ban pit bulls.

Nationwide, a ban on pit bulls is also far from exceptional.

Cities that have laid down some sort of legislation:

Sioux City, Iowa

Council Bluffs, Iowa

Independence, Missouri

Royal City, Washington

Denver, Colorado

Springfield, Missouri

Youngstown, Ohio;

Melvindale, Michigan

Livingston County, Michigan.

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