Tuesday, 10 February 2015

BSL is Racist as if BSL was for human beings

For additional accurate information on the public safety Danger of Pit Bull Type Dogs visit:



One of the most common pitfalls, i say is anthropomorphising (attributing human characteristics to our pets).
Humans are cognitive sentient beings with a capacity to determine it's actions, dogs are not, they only know and are what goes in one end and goes out the other, simple as that, that is all they care about period.!!!

Comparing a Human being to a dog is like comparing one to a snail.

Man was made in Gods image, nothing else, no other animal is even in the same category.!!!!
Because people are individuals with unique capacities to act for good or evil, a dog is a breed or type with a generic genetic reality and truth with a generic outcome the same as a wolf, a wolverine, a tiger, cougar etc.