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BSL is Racist as if BSL was for human beings

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Count Me In As A Hater

"That's Canine Racism!"
A common tactic used by the pit bull industry to shut down any public safety discussion is throwing out the pit bull race card. The Pit Bull problem is an entirely man made creation which could be solved by breeding safer dogs in responsible numbers.

Instead, the breed community seems to be locked onto the blaming others and creating excuses for the situation they've created. Pit Bull attacks are always the fault of the owner or victim, and never caused by reckless breeding or the dog fighting industry.

Then the tone deaf advocates hide behind the excess pit bulls they created and blame society for the "Hate".... totally oblivious that the hatred is not toward these poor animals, but that it is aimed toward the grotesque and criminally irresponsible breed stewardship that they toil day and night to perpetuate.

Race Card Phenomenon:
Frederick Schauer, who teaches a course on the first amendment at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, was reading about some dog lovers who claimed ''canine racism'' in response to measures to curb attacks by pit bulls in New York City.

That particular race card, he said, was an extreme example of how society has become so obsessed with avoiding any stereotypes that it ignores reality.

Pit bulls are more aggressive than other breeds, he said, just as statistics show older people have slower reflexes than the young, and there are more bad drivers in Massachusetts than in Vermont. A fair number of generalizations, he insists, turn out to be accurate.

Let's explore reasons to hate the $Billion dollar a year tax free Pit Bull Industry:

I hate it when a kid is laying on the coroner's table.

I hate it when someone's Grandmother is poured into the life flight helicopter.

I hate it that dogfighters kill 250,000 pits a year...hell bent on engineering a better mauler.

Fatal dog attack, Rosie Humphreys
I hate it when a nice lady and her dog are killed by a chain breaking pit bull and the owner gets a mere $150 ticket

I hate it that the dog lobby is behaving as corruptly as the tobacco lobby in the 50's and 60's.

I hate it that Pit breeders pump out one Million excess dogs that the taxpayer has to euthanize....to top it off they don't pay taxes.

I hate it that only convicted felons seem to be able to properly identify Pit Bulls.

I Hate it when well intentioned Dog Safety Legislation is perverted into a Pit Bull Breeder's and Dog Fighters Bill Of Rights

I hate the grotesque breed stewardship exerted by the Pit Bull community.

I hate when family members of Officers in a state Pit Bull club are busted trafficking fighting dogs.

I hate The Nanny Dog Lie

I hate it that Law Enforcement is continually having to shoot these animals.

I hate it that the Animal Control Professions and Animal welfare Community have abandoned their public safety responsibility

I hate it when a pit bull owner leaves a blind person and their injured service dog helpless.

I hate it when radicalized Humane orgs like the Toronto Humane Society spent in excess of $400,000 saving a Pit Bull that attacked on 4 separate occasions, yet this woman can't get plastic surgery:

Marie-Helene Tokar

I hate it that Pit Bull mauling victims have to hold bake sales and blood drives to pay medical costs, while some Pit Bull advocates live in 500K plus houses.

I hate it that nearly 130 Americans have been killed by Pit Bulls since the Vick Bust in 2007, yet they claim success.

I hate it that Michael Vick's Beagles have been erased from history.

I hate it that Pit Bull advocates show zero respect to their victims by not wearing black on Pit Bull Awareness day.

I hate it when the neighborhood Mail Carrier is put on the disability rolls.

I hate it when a neighborhood dog is ripped apart by a Pit Bull.

I hate it that Pit Bulls are approaching 500 world wide DBRFS yet their breeders insist they aren't human aggressive.

I don't mind it so much when a consenting adult pit bull owner is attacked by their own animal, but I do hate the first responder costs...just being honest!

Oh well...Hose the blood off the sidewalk and pump out another litter!