Monday, 9 February 2015 advocates on behalf of victims of serious dog attacks

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Re: Letter to the editor, Breed-specific language ‘inherently flawed and does not work,’ Burnaby NOW, Sept. 10, 2013.

Dear Editor: advocates on behalf of victims of serious dog attacks. The United States-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization also tracks U.S. dog bite fatalities, dog bite injury studies, jurisdictions with breed-specific laws and appellate court rulings that uphold these laws.

Statistical data from is cited in the peer-reviewed scientific medical study, Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs, published in the Annals of Surgery in April 2011.

The study's conclusion:"Attacks by pit bulls are associated with higher morbidity rates, higher hospital charges, and a higher risk of death than are attacks by other breeds of dogs. Strict regulation of pit bulls may substantially reduce the US mortality rates related to dog bites."

The amicus brief submitted in the landmark case, Tracey v. Solesky, helped move Maryland's highest court to modify common law.
In April 2012, the Court of Appeals declared pitbulls "inherently dangerous" and attached strict liability when a pitbull attacks a person. This liability extends to landlords when a tenant's pitbull attacks a person.

The Maryland Court of Appeals went as far as pointing out in their decision – concerning the opposing brief written by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which sought to eliminate a financial remedy for the young mauling victim – the following:"Some are similar to the arguments made in the appellant or amicus’ briefs filed in the present case by supporters of pitbulls.

In light of Maryland’s situation, we find those particular arguments unpersuasive. We have fully reviewed and considered all the briefs."

Research and statistical data from has exceptional credibility with appellate court justices, surgeons and medical practitioners, attorneys who champion and represent dog mauling victims, the many local, national and international news agencies which have cited our data, parents and activists and of course the victims themselves.

Colleen Lynn
Founder and President,
Austin, TX