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Extreme Attacks: List of Home Invasion pit bull attacks

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Extreme Attacks: List of Home Invasion pit bull attacks

Pit bulls invade homes, work spaces, and cars with the express purpose to attack with no warning and no provocation. This kind of extreme attack is almost unheard of among other kinds of dogs because it is, obviously, not normal pet dog behavior.

This list is by no means complete and will be updated as more reports of pit bulls invading people's private spaces to attack occur and are found.

2014 OK Loose pit bull sees a dachshund through a glass window looking out. The pit bull crashes through the glass window for the express purpose of attacking the little dog. The doxie owner was bitten on the foot while trying to get the pit bull off her dog. Her home was full of broken glass and blood.

2014 IL - Pit bull rescuer allows her dogs to escape and kill a small beloved pet on two different occasions.

2014 - Loose pit bull rushes into a woman's home to attack her chihuahua. Woman stabs the pit bull. Attack did not make it to the news.
also listed in pit bulls that had to be stabbed attacks

2014 NV - For the second time, the same pair of pit bulls enter a home to kill a dog. The pit bulls killed an 11 year old German Shepherd

2014 FL-Pit bull jumps into car through window and seriously attacks children inside the care - twice

2014 NV-Pit bulls enter through dog door and kill three dogs (these are not the same pit bulls that committed 2 other home invasion attacks in the same county.)

2014 CO - 3 Pit bulls break through security screen door and attack 2 people and 2 small dogs

2013 MD - Two pit bulls charge into home and kill pet cat inside.

2013 PA - Pit bulls invade home attack a dog, leave and continue around the lake to attack people and pets in 1 or 2 more separate attacks.

2013 FL - Man shoots pit bull that ripped window screen trying to get into his home

2013 IA - Pit bull pushes into home attacks woman and two dogs

2013 CA - Letter to the editor from woman whose cat was attacked by two pit bulls entering her home and lamenting that no one is taking this problem seriously or doing anything about it.

2013 NJ - Pit bull breaks through screen door to kill Golden Retriever and attack 73 year old man

2013 OH - Pit bull invades home attacks autistic boy and almost kills his dog
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2013 GA - Pit bulls break into home and kill 2 cats

2013 WI - Pit bull barges through door to attack small dog

2013 FL - Pit bull invades home trying to kill cat. Homeowner has to stab the pit bull to death.
also listed in pit bulls that had to be stabbed attacks

2013 FL - Pit bull breaks into home and kills goldendoodle - blood throughout house

2013 GA - Pit bull enters home and mauls small dog removing eye

2013 MA - Pit bull enters home and attacks two dogs.

2013 WA - Pit bulls enter home, menace child and kill cat

2013 GA - After biting son, pit bull comes back, invades home and kills family cat, Khloe

2013 CA - Pit bulls enter home and kill cat in bathroom

2013 PA - Rottweiler attacked woman and her little boy on street and then continued the attack after chasing them into their home.

2012 TX - Pit bulls invade through doggie door to attack pet

2012 CA - Pit bull enters home to attack corgi. Police shoot pit bull

2012 MI - Pit bull passed through two yards and crossed a street before jumping the victim’s fence and began attacking her dogs, biting her 1-year-old Golden Retriever in the chest and leg. The victim said she attempted to fight off the dog with a golf club, but it wouldn’t retreat, even following her into her home

2011 WA - Sue Gormon was granted $2.2 million in la awsuit against the county and the pit bull owners after two pit bulls entered her home at night and attacked her while she was sleeping in her bed and then killed a dog she was caring for.

2011 MT - Pit bulls enter home and kill 5 cats. Walking in on the scene caused the owner to develop PTSD.

2011 ON - Pit bull invades home on Christmas day and kills poodle in front of boy with Asperger's syndrome.

2011 LA - Pit bull sets off security alarm pushing its way into home to attack a small terrier mix.

2011 UK - Pit bulls invade enclosed yard, then invade home, then tear apart a crate to get to the family dog to kill her. All the while a mother and two children, barricaded in a bedroom, hear the screams of their pet.

2010 CA - Chihuahua dies protecting child from two pit bulls that invaded their home

2009 NC - Two pit bulls invade home and kill family Labrador

2009 OK - Pit bull chases cat into home and kills it, then bites woman protecting her 4 month old son

2009 IN - Neighbor shoots pit bull mix that invaded back yard to attack Irish Setter, then invaded the home to attack again

2008 NC - Pit bull ran into blind woman's home and killed her dog. Another woman stabbed the pit bull to death.
also listed in pit bulls that had to be stabbed attacks

2007 IL - Pit bulls invade home to kill a pet cat in front of the children

2007 IL - Pit bull invades home of elderly couple and attacks them

2007 IL-Pit bull breaks out of own home breaks into neighbor's home to attack geriatric labrador