Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Extreme Attacks: List of Pit Bull Attacks With No Warning or Provocation

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Extreme Attacks: List of Pit Bull Attacks With No Warning or Provocation

One argument excusing pit bull attacks is that if a pit bull attacks, there were warning signs that were missed. This blames the victim and/or owner and also presumes that pit bull attacks are a last resort communication when other attempts to communicate to the victim that the dog is uncomfortable by growling, body posture, or avoidance have failed.

This is indeed usually true for most dogs, but pit bull attacks are very often predatory. Predatory attacks occur when the victim did nothing but exist in proximity to the pit bull; they happen with no provocation, and without warning. These attack accounts demonstrate this.

This list of attacks does not include attacks without provocation or warning when invading homes to attack, invading enclosed yards to attack, leaping from upper stories to attack, or breaking out of their own home to attack. Those attacks are listed separately.

FL - Pit bulls attack man with no warning or provocation
When you watch this video, remember that this is not normal or acceptable companion animal behavior:

CO - Elderly man with cancer walking for health mauled by pit bulls that came from behind with no warning or provocation

Malaysia - Jogger attacked and killed

TN - Children playing, pit bull "comes out of nowhere" and attacks

DC - Pit bull bounds across street in traffic to maul dog

NY - Pit bull "came out of nowhere" in shopping parking lot and attacks 3-year-old for five minutes

WA - taking things out of car, pit bull attacks woman and child from behind

MI - Neighbors describe severe unprovoked attack on a woman. The owners are as bad as the pit bulls.

NY - Caught on video a little girl is attacked by a pit bull coming from across a wide intersection