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Extreme Attacks: List of pit bulls that had to be stabbed to stop an attack

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Extreme Attacks: List of pit bulls that had to be stabbed to stop an attack

It is commonly known that pit bulls are very often dog aggressive and that when they launch an attack on a pet, it is completely uninhibited and very likely to be lethal without intervention.

Pit bull owners are constantly putting us in the impossible situation of demanding that the we give the pit bull the benefit of the doubt when guessing wrong means a horrific mauling or death to us, a loved one and our pets. And pit bull owners often become irate when people refuse to allow their pit bulls to maul and kill unimpeded.

It is important to note that many of the people who ended up stabbing a pit bull to stop an attack were not armed.
Many had to stab a pit bull in their home and retrieved a kitchen knife or had to leave their pet being attacked to run inside the house to get a knife.

But, the public is becoming aware of pit bull dangers to people and pets and are increasingly arming themselves for protection in the overwhelming absence of action from legislators and civic leaders to regulate pit bull owners.

The number of pit bulls that had to be stabbed by desperate pet owners to stop vicious attack is astounding. But, arming against pit bulls is not an ideal solution as many of the victims pets died anyway. At the very least regulation requiring pit bull owners to muzzle their pits and better yet a ban is what will save us from having to think about how to kill a pit bull to save our loved ones.

2014 Nov A woman tried everything to get a pit bull to stop attacking her corgi before she went to her car to get a knife and then stabbed and stabbed and stabbed the pit bull, but it wouldn't let go. She then slit the pit bull's throat, but that didn't stop it. She had to gut the pit bull from groin to chest before it stopped its attack. She may have permanent nerve damage to her hands.

2014 Sep NJ The family pit bull mastiff mix that had never before shown aggression clamped down on a 1-year-old's head and would not let go until it was stabbed.

2014 Sep FL Pit bulls escaped from electric fence and attacked a 70 pound coonhound in a garage. The owner had to stab one of the pit bulls to stop the attack. The pit bull owner had previously terrorized the neighborhood with three other pit bulls until they were put down.

2014 Sep FL Sister stabs relative's pit bull to stop the pit bull from attacking her brother. The stab wounds were so severe, the pit bull was euthanized.

2014 Sep GA A west highland white terrier named Lexie was attacked by a pit bull with a Humane Society adoption event inside a Petsmart when the westie's owner stabbed the pit bull to stop the attack.

2014 Jul MN Man fatally stabs pit bull to get it to stop attacking his golden retriever.

2014 Jun CA A pit bull attacked a small dog. The owner stabbed the pit bull to try and make it release the animal. The small dog died; the pit bull survived.

2014 May CA A woman used a filet knife to kill two pit bulls that got out of a yard and attacked her three leashed German shepherds while they were on a walk.

2014 Mar OR A man stabbed a loose pit bull to death while it attacked him and his 4 year old lab mix.

2014 Jan GA A man stabbed a pit bull to try to save his chihuahua from a pit bull that invaded his yard and attacked. Little Gizmo was killed, which has devastated his owner. The pit bull owner threatened Gizmo's owner with a gun. The pit bull was euthanized.

2014 Jan CA A man stabbed one of the three pit bulls that attacked him, his wife and their two dogs. One of their dogs was seriously mauled.

2014 - Loose pit bull rushes into a woman's home to attack her chihuahua. Woman stabs the pit bull. Attack did not make it to the news.
also listed in home invasion attacks

2013 Nov BC a 72-year old Vancouver man was walking his pug when they were approached by a woman who was walking a pit bull. The larger pit bull bit down on the neck of the smaller dog. The man and woman were unable to separate the dogs, and the owner of the pug stabbed the pit bull with a folding knife to make it stop attacking. The pit bull died.

2013 Oct WA A pit bull grabbed a bulldog puppy out of its owner's arms and the owner tried to stop the attack but then had to get his knife out and stab the dog to stop the attack.

2013 Aug IL An unleashed pit bull rushed to attack a beagle on a public sidewalk and the beagle owner stabbed the pit bull 6 times to stop the attack, fatally injuring the attacking pit bull.

2013 FL - Pit bull invades home trying to kill cat. Homeowner has to stab the pit bull to death.
also listed in home invasion attacks

2012 Jul CA A family member was forced to stab their pitbull with a steak knife after it attacked a 3-year-old-girl.

2012 May NM A man stabbed two pit bulls that were attacking his collie.

2012 May WA A pit bull was stabbed to death by a man in Roseburg Tuesday, after witnesses say it attacked a Dachshund and 6-8 men couldn't separate the animals.

2012 Apr WA Security camera footage of a man and a woman attacked by pit bulls. The man is armed with a knife and stabs them to stop the attack

2012 Mar NY A city man had to stab and club to death a pit bull that got loose in his home and was attacking his dogs on Saturday.

2011 Nov FL Two pit bulls and a lab were running loose together. The two pit bulls attacked a dog being walked. The owner of the victim dog stabbed one of the pit bulls to death to stop the attack. The lab did not attack.

2011 Jul CO A Nederland man survived pit bull attack by stabbing the attacking pit bull. The victim calls pit bulls a dangerous breed and says that even with a knife, if you don't know how to use it, a pit bull will kill you.

2011 Apr SC Woman saves her dog and her toddler by stabbing pit bulls that invaded first her yard and then her home.

2011 Mar MA A pit bull escaped its yard and went to a neighbor's yard and attacked their akita. the Akita owners stabbed the pit bull.

2010 Mar IN A New Albany woman says her friend shot and killed one of two dogs that unexpectedly attacked her dog as it sat in her back yard.

2009.01 CA A former Marine in California stabbed a pit bull to death after it pounced on his wife and two dogs, a husky and an eskie, as they were walking in their Anaheim neighborhood. Their dogs survived. The pit bull was killed.

2008 NC - Pit bull ran into blind woman's home and killed her dog. Another woman stabbed the pit bull to death.
also listed under home invasion attacks

2007 Nov MN A woman stabbed a pit bull that got into her house and attacked her cat. The cat did not survive; the pit bull did.

2007 Aug CA A pit bull attacked a doberman twice at a dog park. The second time the owner could not get the pit bull off and it was choking off the doberman. The owner of the doberman stabbed the pit bull until it let go.