Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Extreme Attacks: List of Pit Bulls Up for Adoption or Recently Adopted From Shelters That Seriously Attack

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2014 CT - Stamford Animal Shelter manager was fired, arrested and charged with three counts of reckless endangerment for repeatedly adopting dogs out with bite histories and not telling potential adopters about the dangers. Despite her arrest, she has passionate followers and defenders because she saves dangerous dogs.

2014 CT - A pit bull that had been adopted only months before ran out of a house to attack a 93 year old woman leaving devastating wounds. The shelter reports conducting extensive testing, training and socializing. The shelter director also prides herself on "rehabilitating" vicious dogs. Neighbors and the shelter say the owners were good people and extremely responsible about owning their pit bull. The victim died 6 weeks after the attack.

2014 TN - Blount county Animal Shelter was sued for negligence after newly adopted pit bull attacked a child unprovoked

2014 OH - After BAD RAP's Tim Racer and Donna Reynolds, nationally acclaimed pit bull "expert evaluators" gave the green light for adoption to six fight bust pit bulls, two of the fight bust dogs must be put down for dangerous behavior concerns.

2014 WV - A rescuer adopted a fight bust pit bull to an 18 year old girl assuring her that the pit bull was "peaceful." The pit bull launched its first full blown attack while the family was snowed in. The pit bull chewed through two doors to get to the family while the family waited 2 hours barricaded in the basement for animal control to get there.

2014 - "We were talked into adopting a rescued pitbull ... One day we let it out, and it attacked my son ... Luckily, I had a gun in the home"

2014 NY - A shelter allegedly withheld info about a pit bull's past and the pit bull attacked children a day after it was adopted. The shelter blamed the new adoptive owner who was having none of it saying that he was an experienced dog owner.

2014 GA - A newly adopted pit bull showed never-before-seen aggression and attacked a boy completely unprovoked.

2014 NY - A woman attacked by her adopted pit bull sueed the town for not disclosing violent fighting history of the dog.

2014 IL - A pit bull in foster care created a "bloodbath" in a vet office seriously injuring 2 veterinary assistants. The foster owners want to "save" mauling pit bull. The rescue owner was fined $250 for allowing a dangerous dog to attack.

2014 MA - Pit bull recently adopted in Baltimore attacks woman, boys in York

2013 CO - Longmont Humane Society placed a pit bull that had been designated "dangerous" in another county in foster care in the community of Longmont because they felt they had "rehabilitated" it.

Then the "rehabilitated" pit bull attacked a dog and a person, just as it had done several times before. LHS may be the first Humane Society to be fined for allowing a dangerous dog to attack. Longmont takes in dangerous and aggressive dogs from other locations, "rehabilitates" them and adopts them into the community.