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Failure of Pit bulls as Police dogs

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

LawDogsUSA, Pit Bull Detection Dog Program, Shuts Down
October 2008 Closure Notice

Olympia, WA - Back in April, we reported that a handful of pit bulls seized from the Pima County dogfighting raid were chosen to be "rehabilitated" as detection dogs. Diane Jessup, the owner of LawDogsUSA, was the recipient of these dogs. In October, Jessup shut down LawDogsUSA due to lack of interest from the "pit bull community" and lack of adequate funding.

"I had dreamed that LawDogsUSA would attract the best and brightest in the pit bull community and be able to grow larger than just me.

While I received fantastic support from a few, unfortunately the support and funding necessary to continue the program in a meaningful way was not forthcoming."
Fate of the Pima Dogs

The Pima County dogs did not work out either. She had selected three dogs for the detection program: Pima, Tucson and Arizona. Jessup writes on her website (please scroll to the bottom of the page titled: Update August 2008):

"It is with deep regret that I report that "Tucson" (the male) was found to have developed uncontrollable dog aggression. With no socialization or training to channel his drive during his critical period (21 days to 16 weeks) this pup would never...."

"Both dogs developed a very aggressive form of demodex mange - common in inbred dogs with compromised immune systems - and were being treated for that when I evaluated them for structural soundness. Both girls were suffering from severe..."

It appears she euthanized all three dogs. Interestingly, Jessup does not support "no-kill" or dumping pit bulls into "sanctuaries," which she compares to "above ground pet cemeteries."

She writes that the practice "amounts to a boarding kennel" and is the "height of disrespect for our noble companions." She feels that euthanasia in her own arms is the most humane option.