Friday, 13 February 2015

Is There a Media Conspiracy against Pit Bull Type Dogs?

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The Myth:
There is an assumption that the media only reports pit bull incidents and fatalities.

The Reality:
The media reports incidents with all breeds. As recently as December 2013, the media reported the death of an infant cause by injuries sustained from an attack by two Shiba Inus.

Pit bulls are in the media more because they are the most common offenders for severe attacks on animals and humans. Since 1982, pit bulls have accounted for 67% of dog attacks resulting in bodily harm. As pit bulls have become more popular as pets, this number has begun to rise.

The media merely reports news of an occurrence based on facts or observations given to them by witnesses and investigators. If anything, the media has a tendency to under-report the breed associated with the incident or attack due to lack of detail regarding the incident.

Pit bull attacks have become so frequent in the U.S. today (one lost body part every 5.4 days and one fatality every 2 weeks) that many attacks never make it to the media. The occurrences that are reported in the news often get minimal coverage. “Man bites dog is news, dog bites man is not.”