Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Pit Bull Type dog attacks around the turn of the 20th century.

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Read the US newspapers from 1880s 1920s anytime back then and its plain everyone was scared of pits,they were killing kids on the street just like today,there was even BSL on pits,one guy was in court for painting a muzzle on his pit bull to fool the dog warden.

Back then they were called bulldogs and this is what dog fighters still call them today.

1892 Bulldogs Unsafe Pets

It is a singular fact that some people will insist in making a pet of so dangerous and ferocious a beast as a blood hound or bull dog. There are species of dogs that are kind and intelligent, faithful to their master, and such are a pleasure to have about one's self. But of all the mean, vicious and savage dogs there is none that will equal the bull dog or the blood hound. 

And yet in spite of their ferocity we frequently see the fact stated that persons have taken them into their into their households and are endeavoring to make family pets of them.

There may be isolated cases where they succeed in taming and subduing these brutes to a certain extent, but we do not believe they will ever entirely forget their fierce and brutal instinct, and the result is that quite frequently persons are severely bitten by them.

LA 1909
The average man has no more use for a vicious bulldog than he has for a tiger.


The animal defied all efforts to drive him off and had his teeth sunk into the arm of the elder Ahert when he was killed with an axe. It was necessary to pry open his jaws from the arm of the victim, who had become unconscious.


They were only 1% of dogs and most were only owned by dogfighters and even about 1973 under 100 APBT's had papers with the kennel club, Americas favourite dog being a pit bull is a myth.