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Pit Bulls Lead 'Bite' Counts Across U.S. Cities and Counties Dog Biting Incidents: 2008 to 2014

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Richmond County, Georgia
In the same month, it was reported that Richmond County had 139 complaints of animal bites so far this year, 26 of them involving pit bulls. This is about 19-percent and the most of all dog breeds, according to the article. Diane Downs, the Director of Richmond County Animal Control, said that pit bulls "tend to get the most exposure because unfortunately they do the most damage.

" The news article came in response to a pit bull attack that left an Augusta man hospitalized. As we see in so many of these cases, the pit bulls escaped owner property (through a gap in the fence) "just to attack" a man who had been walking down the street.

Samantha Andre, "Pit bull attack sends man to hospital," WRDW.com, June 23, 2009 (www.wrdw.com) URL:http://www.wrdw.com/home/headlines/48927862.html. Accessed: 2010-09-01. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/5sQCTcTGV)
Syracuse, New York
In May 2009, it was reported that the Syracuse dog control department had responded to 19 pit bull bites since the start of the year. According to the article, this is nearly double the amount during all of last year.

"It's the beginning of dog control officer Jason Driscoll's shift," the article states, "and already he's responding to a pit bull call." In this instance, the two pit bulls (with a history of bad behavior) had also escaped owner property.

Last year one of the same dog's bit a young girl. Dog control officers told WSYR TV that they run into trouble with other dog breeds as well, but pit bulls make up the "majority of reported attacks."

"Pit bull attacks in Syracuse on the rise," NewsChannel 9 WSYR, May 29, 2009 (9wsyr.com) URL:http://www.9wsyr.com/news/local/story/Pit-bull-attacks-in-Syracuse-on-the-rise/YFsGie2yNUCHPyNdFkG6SQ.cspx. Accessed: 2010-09-01. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/5sQCXO6Dy)
Dyersburg, Tennessee
In April 2009, after a 16-year old girl was attacked by loose pit bulls while walking down a street, the Dyersburg Police Department reported there were 21 "dog bite" reports written in 2008. The figures show that nearly half of those bites (10) were from pit bulls. In the first four months of 2009, three of the five police reports written on dog bites involved pit bulls.

The article also includes information from the Dyersburg City Attorney's office. City records show there were 35 court cases involving dogs within the last year. Of the 35 cases, 29 of them involved pit bulls. There were also six dog bite cases and all of those were from pit bulls.

"Pit bull attack causes injury and outrage," State Gazette, April 4, 2009 (stategazette.com) URL:http://www.stategazette.com/story/1527994.html. Accessed: 2010-09-01. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/5sQCalTPh)
Ogden, Utah
In March 2009, the City of Ogden considered a new ordinance that would toughen requirements for pit bull owners including carrying liability insurance. Bob Geier, director of the Ogden Animal Shelter, was in support of this new ordinance.

Based on the APPA national survey statistics, Geier estimated that there are about 16,000 dogs in Ogden, including 3,200 pit bulls. During the last two years, pit bulls have accounted for about 20 percent of the dog population at the city animal shelter.

During that same period, according to Geier, pit bulls and their mixes have been responsible for about 40 percent of reported dog bites in the city.

Scott Schwebke, "Tougher rules for pit bulls," Standard-Examiner, March 29, 2009 (www.standard.net) (Archive unavailable)
Lake County, Florida
Also reported in March, Marjorie Boyd, the director of Lake County Animal Services, said, "Pit bulls lead all breeds of dogs and cats in bite incidents the county has investigated in the past two years."

According to Boyd, pit bulls represented 12.7 percent of bite cases in 2007, 12.5 percent in 2008 and 18 percent of cases thus far this year. The article came in response to the mauling of 22-year old Tracy Lindsey.

At the time, Lindsey had been jogging down Getford Road when two pit bulls escaped their property and attacked her. Lindsay was airlifted by a Life Flight helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center and rushed into surgery.

Benjamin Roode, "Pit bulls maul jogger," The Daily Commercial, March 31, 2009 (www.dailycommercial.com) URL:http://www.dailycommercial.com/PrinterFriendly/033109dogbite. Accessed: 2010-09-01. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/5sQChYkZA)
Broward County, Florida
South of Lake County, the Broward County Dog Bite Database depicts a vivid picture of the "top biter." During the years of 2005 to 2008, Labs produced 151 biting incidents with 98 inflicted on humans and 53 on animals, while Cocker spaniels produced 16 biting incidents with 15 on humans and 1 to an animal.

In the same period, the pit bull/American Staffordshire terrier community produced a whopping 618 biting incidents with 323 inflicted on humans and 296 on the county's pet and livestock population. The data shows that human-aggression is just as prevalent as animal-aggression in pit bulls produced by local breeders.

"Search Broward County animal bite reports" South Florida Sun Sentinel, 2009 (www.sun-sentinel.com) (Archived by DogsBite.org)
Pinellas County, Florida
According to a 2009 Florida Senate Interim Report by the Committee on Community Affairs, Pinellas County had a total of 122,225 licensed dogs in 2007 and a total of 1,233 dog bites.

For a county in which less than 3% of the dog population (3,666) is made up of pit bulls, they accounted for over 19% of the bites (235). The registered population of pit bulls produced 1 bite incident per every 15.6 pit bulls.

The next highest number of bites was attributed to Labs, which represent 9% of the dog population (11,000) and accounted for 11.5% of the bites (142). The registered population of Labs only produced 1 bite incident per every 77.5 Labs.

"Review of the Viability of City or County Pre-emption of Banning Certain Dog Breeds By Ordinance," Committee on Community Affairs, Florida Senate Interim Report 2009-102. (Archived by DogsBite.org)
Altoona, Pennsylvania
Altoona city records showed in March that of the 5,056 dogs licensed in 2008, 162 (3%) of them were pit bulls or their mixes. City dog law officer, John Iorio, handled 178 biting incidents in 2008. Of these incidents, 110 (61%) involved pit bulls.

Iorio believes the actual number of pit bulls in the city to be 400 (8%), but this hardly reduces the alarming number of bites attributed to them. In July 2009, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDF) records showed that 112 dogs in a 5-county region were declared legally "dangerous." Pit bulls accounted for 42 (38%) of these dogs. No Cocker spaniels or Labs appeared on the list.

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