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Pit Bulls Lead 'Bite' Counts Across U.S. Cities and Counties Dog Biting Incidents: 2008 to 2014

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Royal Oaks, Michigan
Also in September, another Detroit suburb discussed pit bull legislation (view related map). According to a report provided by City Manager Don Johnson on the 5,311 licensed dogs in Royal Oak, "Pit bulls account for only 1.7% of licensed dogs in Royal Oak but were responsible for about 35% of reported dog bite incidents this year.

" It is important to point out that Detroit is known as the "dogfighting capital" of the U.S., thus an area rich with the breeding and ownership of pit bulls with explosive aggression. The Detroit area is also the center of U.S. medical research regarding pit bull injury to humans1. This is not a coincidence.

"Local news: Dangerous dogs on agenda in Royal Oak," Freep.com, September 21, 2009 (www.freep.com) (Archive unavailable)
1Pitbull Mauling Deaths in Detroit (case report) and A Ten-Year, Two-Institution Review of Pediatric Dog Attacks (study)
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
In August 2009, it was reported that pit bull bites were up 20% in Mecklenburg County. According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control, in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, pit bulls represented 208 bites. Labs were second with 152, followed by German shepherds and Chows.

The news article followed the July pit bull attack involving 9-year old Jisseth Moquete. The girl's neighbor, Jonathan Hall, had been "showing" the pit bull to her family in hopes they would buy the dog. As Moquete was petting the pit bull, the dog latched onto her face. A stranger had given the dog to Hall "for free" one day earlier.

Lisa Miller, "Pit Bull bites up 20% in Mecklenburg County," WFAE 90.7 FM, August 13, 2009 (www.wfae.org) URL:http://www.wfae.org/wfae/1_87_316.cfm?action=display&id=5340. Accessed: 2010-09-01. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/5sQC21Bo0)
Springdale, Arkansas
Also in August, the mayor of Springdale, Doug Sprouse, said that over half of the bites reported over the last 2 years have been by pit bulls. That can be a little misleading, he said, "but that's still a hefty number.

" City officials agreed that they wanted to "prevent bites before they happen," particularly by pit bulls, yet were hesitant about targeting a specific breed in the ordinance.

The nearby city of Siloam Springs declares pit bulls "vicious" (Sec: 10-101) and requires owners to adhere to restraint requirements, attain liability insurance and to muzzle their dog when off property. The law specifically targets pit bulls to prevent future pit bull bites.

"City To Crack Down On Dangerous Dogs," KHBS NW Arkansas, August 12, 2009 (www.4029tv.com) URL:http://www.4029tv.com/news/20376223/detail.html. Accessed: 2010-09-01. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/5sQC5K66q)
Hamilton, Ohio (Butler County)
In July 2009, after a pit bull named "Monster" escaped its pen and attacked its owner's young daughter, the Hamilton Health Department released dog bite statistics.

From 2001 to July 2009, pit bulls lead with 157 biting incidents, representing 19% of all dog bites. Despite the fact that Ohio declares pit bulls "vicious" and requires special restraint measures (955.22) and liability coverage, pit bulls were still the top biters.

The closest follower was "mixed," with 133 incidents (16%). Yet this category is questionable given that U.S. dogs are rarely sold or adopted under the generalized name "mixed." Labs followed with 65 incidents (8%).

Richard Wilson, "Pit bull owner stands by the breed," The Oxford Press, July 19, 2009 (www.oxfordpress.com) URL:http://www.oxfordpress.com/news/oxford-news/pit-bull-owner-stands-by-the-breed-211115.html. Accessed: 2010-09-01. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/5sQCCHBNK)
Hillsborough County, Florida
Also in July, the Tampa Tribune requested data on dog bites from the Hillsborough Department of Animal Services regarding the 2,400 cases recorded in the last 18 months.

The data shows that 103 different dog breeds were responsible for the bites. Pit bulls topped the chart with 371 incidents, 15% of all bites during the period. Labs followed with less than half of this amount with 151 incidents (6%).

German shepherds ranked 3rd with 105 incidents (4%) and Chows ranked 4th with 80 (3%). As depicted on the chart, the Tribune seemed to think it was no big deal that one dog breed accounted for such a large percentage of bites.

Dennis Joyce, "Dog bite data doesn’t add up for lovers of Labradors," Tampa Tribune, July 29, 2009 (www.tboblogs.com) URL:http://www.tboblogs.com/index.php/news/story/dog-bite-data-doesnt-add-up-for-lab-lovers/#. Accessed: 2010-09-01. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/5sQCIDRlV)
Ventura County, California
Ventura County Department of Animal Regulation released it annual data (July 2008 to June 2009) this month too. The report showed that pit bulls ranked 9th in licensing, down from 8th in the previous year, but were still the top biter producing 121 biting incidents, up from 117 in the previous year.

Often cited by pro-pit bull groups as the leading biter, Cocker spaniels ranked 7th in licensing, but 9th in bite numbers producing only 19 incidents. Pit bulls also topped impounds with 1,399, up from 1,260 in the previous year. By comparison, Labs who rank 1st in licensing and are the most popular dog breed, had 580 impounds and 74 biting incidents.

Ventura County Department of Animal Regulation FY 2008-2009 Statistical Report (www.countyofventura.org) (Archived by DogsBite.org)
Woonsocket, Rhode Island
In June 2009, Capt. Kenneth Paulhus of the Woonsocket Police Department issued a 3-year report concerning the alarming pit bull trend. "In 2006, pit bulls accounted for 32 percent of all the dog bite cases in Woonsocket," Paulhus says in the report.

"The number increased to 37 percent in 2007. The year 2008 reflected half of all dog bites in the city were attributed to pit bulls." He added that "many were serious." Animal Control Officer Doris Kay1 says in the report that she used to think all dogs were created equal. But she says she's learned that, "In Woonsocket pit bulls bite more often, and cause more injury, than any other breed."

Russ Olivo, "Police push pit bull law," The Call, June 14, 2009 (www.woonsocketcall.com) URL:http://www.woonsocketcall.com/content/view/90556. Accessed: 2010-09-01. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/5sQCMBxfQ)
1Nine months later, Officer Kay is attacked and seriously injured by a pit bull while in the line of duty.
Lincoln, Nebraska
Also in June, after a pit bull attacked 10-year old Baylee Harris, Lincoln Animal Control officials said that pit bulls are the leading breed in reported attacks. Since September of 2008, there have been 38 pit bull bites in the city followed by Labs with 27.

The Lincoln County Animal Control 2008 Annual Report (truncated) shows that in 2008, a licensed population of 858 pit bulls and their mixes produced 60 biting incidents. The city's population of Labs and Lab-mixes, 5448 dogs, produced 39 bites in the same period. The data shows that 1 out of every 14 pit bulls in Lincoln is a biter, while its takes over 142 Labs to produce a bite.

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