Monday, 9 February 2015

Service and therapy pit bulls that went pit bull and attacked.

For additional accurate information on the public safety Danger of Pit Bull Type Dogs visit:
ATTS Testing and subsidized Good Canine Citizen Certifications: Pencil whipped GCC Certifications and ATTS testing are a low cost way to to generate an army of “certified” stunt pits that can be cited to support the “It’s the Owner” defense.

An examination Pit bull apologists mothership Animal Farm Foundation’s 2009 Tax return reveals that they subsidized Pit Bull rescues and humane groups to produce roughly 100 Good Canine Certifications (GCC) to the tune of $150 each…A nice little tax free subsidy to the dog trainers pencil-whipping..err…“certifying” the animals…No wonder dog trainers love Pit Bulls, once they get on the AFF payroll, they receive a steady income!

Then you have the American Temperament Test Society Test….The abuse of the test for advocacy purposes is exposed here: The TRUTH About Pit Bulls

Ironically, the two breeds that use the test the most are Pit Bulls and Rottweilers which have pumped through over 7000 dogs to the tune of $25 each. Unfortunately, breeders from those communities have produced dogs which have killed over 440 Americans, so ATTS testing rates seem to be inversely proportional to public safety….For breed clubs, pumping dogs through testing is easy, while apparently, breeding and selling safe dogs is nearly impossible….

Former head of the AVMA and now head apologist at Texas A&M Dr Bonnie Beaver summed it up best about Temperament Testing when she was responsible for the AVMA’s insurance program:

The AVMA warns veterinarians to be careful about supplying behavioural evaluations of dogs for insurance purposes.

"It's risky for veterinarians," said Dr. Beaver, explaining that there are many situations in which a dog may behave aggressively, and temperament tests can't rule out the possibility of aggression. "You don't have temperament tests that can identify all possibilities."Yes Bonnie, temperament testing IS way too risky for vets…So let’s leave it to the Pit bull apologists!
International wanted fugitive Mormon kidnapping-Raper Joyce Mckinney clones her Service Pit “Booger“ in South Korea …Joyce claims Booger actually did laundry and answered the phone. Her Pit-lunacy of near-Biblical proportions can be witnessed here:
Pit Bull Service Dogs: They're too sensitive but they still need prong collars
The recent near-fatal mauling of Joe Finley in Chicago revealed a great deal about who runs Chicago Animal Care and Control and how it operates.

Finley's brutal attack left him without a foot or the use of his arm. In response, the CACC and the city attorney's office did exactly nothing to prosecute the irresponsible owner that let his dogs, which were known to be aggressive, run at large. Local residents and aldermen were appalled and wanted action to ensure public safety.

When Alderman Fioretti raised the question of a pit bull ban, the obligatory pit bull service dog handler was trotted out to state he was afraid that his pit bull service dog would be taken away if BSL were enacted in Chicago. The service dog handler in this case was Chris Maddeford and the service dog is in fact a service dog in training from Kelly and Greg Yearwood's non-profit called Pits for Patriots which was started up less than a year ago. They started with four pit bulls and two of those washed out - one for health and one for temperament reasons.
BAKERSFIELD, Ca. - Kern Animal Control, Kern County Fire and Kern County Sheriff's Department officials responded Wednesday morning to a home in northwest Bakersfield after 911 received a call about a woman being attacked by a pit bull. Ryan Dunbier, Senior Deputy with the KCSO, said two women, ages 21 and 22, were at home when one of the women began having a seizure.
In a small western Colorado city, a 150-pound or larger American Allaunt alleged "service dog" is in danger of being euthanized -- possibly this very week -- as a consequence of his having attacked a woman last November 2012, and his owner's having been cited under the community's "vicious animals" ordinance.

A judge ruled in January that the animal should be put down, but its owner and his friends have launched an online campaign to save the dog which has included no small amount of withholding of certain key facts, along with spinning the story such that the biting victim is cast as an abuser who provoked the attack for no good reason, and who's lying about both what happened and her concomitant injuries.

A petition to save the animal on the notoriously blindly animal-loving Care2 website has been signed by some nearly quarter million people, at this writing; yet the real facts of the story are becoming lost.
Quincy the Guide Dog Viciously Killed by Pit Bull Dogs

I chose to once again post the story of Quincy the Guide Dog who was viciously attacked and killed by pit bulls, because there are some important updates to this story. Please visit Quincy's page at and see what's new with Quincy's story. RIP Quincy, brave and wonderful soul!
YAKIMA, Wash.-- A pit bull's future is in doubt after it attacked three people here in Yakima. It's the first attack since Yakima allowed pit bulls if they're service animals. This was a registered service dog.

It's only been a short time since Yakima made it OK to have pit bulls in city limits, as long as they meet the requirements of a service dog. Now, one of them has attacked.

"I had a hunch that something like this would happen with these dogs," Yakima Code Administration Manager Joe Caruso said.

It's Caruso's job to investigate dog attacks with help from the Yakima Police Department. He says Thursday's attack involved a pit bull that ran out of a home on Garfield Avenue. The front door was open and the dog was not contained. Then, the pit saw another dog on Lincoln Avenue and attacked.

"The dog would not release," Caruso said. "That's their characteristic: that they do not release."