Friday, 13 February 2015

The truth about The American Veterinary Medical Association's position on pit bull type dogs.

For additional accurate information on the public safety Danger of Pit Bull Type Dogs visit:
The truth about The American Veterinary Medical Association's position on pit bull sterilization and animal welfare issues.
The AVMA position against legislation to mandate sterilization of pit bulls is subsumed within the assertion that, “Banning specific breeds to control dog bite injuries ignores the scope and nature of the problem and is unlikely to protect a community’s citizens.” This claim is, first of all, blatantly false.

AVMA is a TRADE ORGANIZATION whose interest is to protect the PROFESSIONALS that work in the industry. We wouldn't expect the surgeon general to ask the tobacco companies for research or opinion regarding their public policy about the dangers of smoking?

In truth, the few large U.S. cities which prohibit or restrict possession of pit bulls have had markedly fewer dog attack fatalities and disfigurements over the past 30 years than any others of comparable size. Also of note is that these cities––San Francisco, Denver, Miami, and New York City––impound and kill just a fraction as many pit bulls as those without breed-specific laws.

Bluntly put, the AVMA appears to oppose breed-specific legislation by way of pandering to the same “fanciers” who popularized “cosmetic” surgeries and were long a big part of many veterinarians’ clientele, even if they didn’t have many dogs neutered.

Though dogs have bred prolifically without human help since long before the rise of human civilization, canine obstetrics has become a lucrative branch of the veterinary industry, for example because dogs often need help to birth breeds with disproportionately large heads.