Monday, 9 February 2015

Truth and Facts about the National Canine Research Council

For additional accurate information on the public safety Danger of Pit Bull Type Dogs visit:
When anyone is evaluating research the first thing that should be noted is who paid for it. The second thing is who actually did the research, who do they work for, who signs the paychecks of these people.

In the case of the NCRC (National Canine Research Council)( the research is paid for by extreme pit bull advocacy, the AFF (Animal Farms Foundation). Who did the research?

A professional breed specific advocate, Karen Delise,
she is an employee of the AFF and is paid by Jane Berkey.


When Karen is unable to identify a pit bull from a photo she sends the photo to Amy Marder


DVM, another individual closely tied to the AFF.

"Research" created by and funded by the AFF should be given the same attention as the "research" funded and completed by product defense companies paid by Big Tobacco who went looking for "scientists" to deny the connection between smoking and lung cancer.

The AFF is in competition with the tobacco lobby for shameless self promotion. Unfortunately, the AFF has a LOT of money and uses it to pay lobbyists to influence legislators.