Monday, 9 February 2015

Truth and Facts about the National Canine Research Council

For additional accurate information on the public safety Danger of Pit Bull Type Dogs visit:
Karen Delise (National Canine Research Council)

NCRC is a business lobbying group just like a tobacco lobbying group, producing propaganda to protect financial interests and obscure dangers and negatives.

Karen Delise looks at newspaper photos and shockingly, she can’t identify the dog as a pit bull. She sends the photos to Amy Marder DVM (a breeder of showdogs so I’m told) and shockingly, Marder can’t ID the breed either. If you shop around the AFF site and the NCRC site Marder’s name turns up, she is one of the happy AFF gang. Delise’s analysis of fatalities is driven by Jane’s agenda.

Nothing is a pit bull despite the police reports, media reports, neighbors and even the family itself. Karen has never been able to show any documentation that is unavailable to anyone else. She has Jane’s money, files a freedom of information request for police records and public records. I have seen some of the records she works from and she skews facts. There is no doubt about this.

Carol Miller put some examples in her letter to the Annals of Surgery, published on In my next segment I will highlight how Karen Delise contacts dog owners and asks for registration information. It will be interesting to see what she does with the Derouen case.

The dog’s pedigree was easily available online, it was a pit bull. Pit bull advocates were claiming that the papers were falsified even though the dog looks just like the sire and dam. If the owners can’t produce breed registration papers for the attacking dog (which only about 40% of owners of dogs have) then they say the breed is “indeterminate” no matter how obvious it is to everyone what breed the dog is.

Yes, law enforcement and animal control and dog owners are all on record calling the dog a pit bull and the NCRC says breed can’t be determined? Oh how convenient! Having it be not determined does three things for them:

It allows them to say not that many pit bulls are killing people.
It allows them to say this is not a breed centered problem or that breed is a factor at all.
It adds more fuel to their theory that pit bulls can’t be identified. It’s a circular argument used to prove itself.

The NCRC is a business lobbying group funded by another pit bull business lobbying group. Karen Delise prepares lobbying propaganda for an industry. These are common in the business and commercial industries.

Business lobbies produce “information” that relates to profit interests, and that creates a bias that can be exploited with falsehoods and deceit issued in propaganda, which is why people need to know that they are dealing with information from a business lobbyist so they can understand influences that can alter the facts or information. It’s called disclosure. Failing to disclose is deceitful.