Sunday, 1 March 2015

Before Pit bulls In the 70's it was German Shepherds, in the 80's it was Dobermans, and in the 90's it was Rottweilers

For additional accurate information on the public safety Danger of Pit Bull Type Dogs visit:
Classic nutter argument: "In the 70s it was German Shepherds, in the 80s it was Dobermans, and in the 90s it was Rottweilers."

I gathered some numbers from Wikipedia's list of fatal dog maulings to use when responding to this particular bit of idiocy. Mixes were included in the tallies.

DBRFs from German Shepherds in the 70s: 10
DBRFs from Dobermans in the 80s: 1
DBRFs from Rottweilers in the 90s: 17
DBRFs from all three of these breeds from 1970 through 2014 (nearly 45 years): 115

Working backwards from the present day, one need only go back to mid-August 2009 to count 115 deaths by pit bull. Pit bulls accomplished in just over 5 years what it took these other three breeds 45 years to do.
DBRFs from Chihuahuas: 0
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Radio Show Interviews Assistant City Attorney Don Bauermeister About Pit Bull Bans

Browning: "Have you had any other nuisances in your community similar to the pit bulls?"


"There's a lot of rhetoric and argument that these thugs that were responsible for the pit bulls, that they'll just go out and grab another dog and we're going to see a problem with some sort of replacement dog.

That has not happened. That's simply false, and it's rhetoric, and it hasn't happened in Denver either.