Sunday, 1 March 2015

Information on Daxton Borchardt’s Attack :University Studies related to BSL

For additional accurate information on the public safety Danger of Pit Bull Type Dogs visit:
Subject: RE: University Studies related to BSL
Thanks for the additional info Jennifer. I will review it before March 3rd.

While I don’t make decisions based on single anecdotes, the story below troubles me (see links below) Daxton Borchardt’s grandmother lives in Aurora and she has pleaded that we NOT repeal the ban on pit bulls.

I asked our city attorney to call the law enforcement agency in Wisconsin that investigated Daxton’s death to determine if the dogs were abused or mistreated in any way. The captain of the detective unit provided the following information:

The babysitter and parents of the child were friends and the baby had been in the babysitter’s house before – this was a routine day. The dogs were the babysitter’s own dogs and all indications show that she was a good dog owner. The house was clean, the dogs were healthy, and there was no indication that the dogs were mistreated in any manner.

The babysitter went outside with the baby and her dogs began jumping on her in a manner that was either playful or attention getting and then turned into jumping on the babysitter in an attack mode. The dogs separated the babysitter and baby, where the babysitter tried to lay over the baby to protect the baby. The dogs then pulled them apart and continued to attack both the babysitter and the baby, killing the baby and leaving injuries on the babysitter.

Nothing in the investigation showed any negligence or mistreatment to these dogs prior to the attack and it doesn’t appear that the dogs were provoked in any way.
I read that the babysitter had raised the dogs from puppies and they were loved and adored.

The neighbors said the dogs were friendly and lovable. There were no charges filed because the owner had done nothing wrong. I understand this one incident does not condemn every pit bull but but does your organization have any explanation as to what may have occurred in this case?

Bob LeGare
Aurora City Council

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