Sunday, 1 March 2015

Petsmart pit bull attacks in their stores

For additional accurate information on the public safety Danger of Pit Bull Type Dogs visit:
List of pit bull attacks inside Petsmart and PetCo
Pit bulls have attacked children and attacked and killed pets in Petsmarts and Petco.s across the nation. Why they continue play host to this carnage is beyond comprehension.

2015 MI A leashed pit bull bites a PetsMart customer in the store putting a gash in his thigh.  The pit bull owner leaves without giving information.
The victim followed the pit bull owner into the parking lot where he saw him get into a Mercedes and leave. According to the victim's lawyer, though at least one PetsMart employee saw the incident, no employees helped detain the fleeing pit bull owner.

2014 GA A pit bull attacked a westie and wouldn't let go, so the owner of the westie stabbed the pit bull to get it to stop. The pit bull was euthanized because its lung was punctured. The westie had to be transferred to an emergency vet overnight.

2013 An Austin police officer kills pit bull that was mauling a Maltese in a Petco.

2013 - A pit bull lunged at and mauled young child in PetSmart. Bitten to the bone, the child lost color and went into shock. A good samaritan tried to block owner from leaving before police came, but the pit bull owner pointed gun at the man as he raced away in a truck.

2012 - A Petsmart employee attempted to train a pit bull, but he lost control of it and it attacked a customer's dog in the store.

2010 FL A pit bull attacked 4 month old Jack Russell terrier in a Petsmart.. Petsmart's chain vet clinic tries to bill the owner for the emergency care they gave the puppy.

2009 CO A yorkie was mauled to death by the Petsmart grooming manager's own pit bull which she had in a city with a pit bull ban, so she lied and called it an american bulldog/mastiff mix. She also lied and told the owner of the yorkie that another dog killed her dog. (original link - dead)

2008 MD A friendly beagle/collie mix approached an American Bulldog in a Petsmart and both greeted each other in a friendly way. Then the Ambull killed the beagle/collie mix.

2008 CO An American bulldog mauls 4 year old child in Petsmart. The mother is appalled that the Ambull owner did not put the Ambull down because she, like decent people, would have put the dog down without being asked.

2007 NB Pit bull attacked and killed golden retriever puppy at Petsmart

2006 A pit bull mix in a Petco that had been acting aggressively attacked a little dog and attacked people who were trying to save it. The witness said it looked as if the little dog was mortally wounded.

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