Sunday, 1 March 2015

Rebuttal to argument that 99% of pit bulls don't attack

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In fact, 96% of all pit bulls are dumped by a shelter at their owners before their 6th birthday due to aggression problems. Many of the few left go on to maul or kill in their old age. This whole business of 'not all pit bulls are aggressive' is just another pit bull type dog advocate delusion.

'Most pit-bull type dogs have not hurt anyone` is a statistically unsupportable pernicious myth. A third of the pit bull population is being impounded or surrendered to shelters each year, primarily for dangerous behavior.

A third are under one year old. What that means is that among pit bulls who have reached sexual maturity, there is a 50% chance that the dog will get into some sort of trouble leading to the dog going to a shelter each and every year.

That's a 50% chance at age 2, a 50% chance at age 3, a 50% chance at age 4, etc. If a pit bull lives to age 10, the odds are actually quite high that the pit bull will have hurt someone.